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Winter 2023/4 # 009

New! A Z U L -- 15 years of excellence -- the "Tallulah" gown w/double-flexi flounce hem comes in 2 styles via the included hud -- with and without the revealing diamond lace cuts. The back lace cut extends down the pelvis giving a more daring look. I used 2 colors, pastel green & white, to get this ombre look. Imagine what you can do with a whole fatpack! I'm wearing it on Reborn --> Waifu, GenX Curvy/Classic, Legacy/Perky, Lara, and the Necklace in gold and silver are incl'd. (@ main store)

 New! UNORTHODOX x UNLEASH "Kareem" hairbase for Scalpz 2.+ (Frost and Noir with

different edges, mirrored parts, intensities and tinting on the hud!)

---------- also showing ----------

ROZOREGALIA "Uzyum" earrings w/veil

IVES BEAUTY "Yvonne" face on Evo X and "Heated" Lipgloss applier kit


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