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Winter 2022/3 # 063

New! *Beras Jenn Static Pose Pack @ Level Event (note, cigarette animation used on left image) (main store)

New! *RAWR! Body Jems (Front & Back gems are separate sets) @ Kinky Event. Also Mea Culpa Bracelets (main store)

N-UNO Mallesa Jacket (outfit includes thong, not shown) @ Kinky Event (main store)

ROWNE Neefs Velvet skirt (main store)

[ kunst ] - Schlange Cigarette Holder (texture & animation huds incl'd) @ Uber event (main store)

.Shi Shema earrings and Da'at hairstyle (main store)

Head: Lelutka Evo/Evox

Body: eBody Reborn (main store)


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