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Winter 2022/3 # 056

*RAWR! Vegvisr earrings for Swallow Dropped ears, Vegvisr nail set, ring set, and Necklace set! (main store) The Vegvisir is a non-religious symbol representing positive concepts such as guidance, protection and finding one's way - Islandic.

*VIVE NINE/.: Ryvolter :. 25cm Kellie Bag (main store)

Lagyo Gabrielle Head Band (main store)

New! Rosary Rebecca Top and Pants separates @ Access event (main store)

New! Platinum "Evelynn" Hair & Hairbase @ Access event (main store)

Moccino Shonda Face for Lelutka Evo X (main store)

Head: Lelutka Evo/Evox

Body: eBody Reborn (main store)


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