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Summer 2023 # 062


*RAWR! Paw Necklace set, Armlet set, Human earrings set (main store)

PROMAGIC Shreya BootPants @ Black Fair (main store)

ROWNE Kristen Bralette (main store)


BOATAOM Monique face (also available in Velour shades) (main store)

*MOCCINO XS Lipgloss Collection (main store)

ANALOG DOG Kimber hairstyle (main store)

GOREGLAM Naturally Eye Gloss (main store)


*eBODY Reborn body (main store)

ITGIRLS X VELOUR Picasso Babe "Modelesque Muse" (main store)

Lelutka EvoX head (main store)


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