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Fall/Winter 2023 # 052

sponsors: BLUPR/NT, eBODY, RAWR!

New! BLUPR/NT "Minsy" Triple Crosses Necklace and New! BLUPR/NT "Cammy" Byrd Shades (color/texture huds incl'd) @ Dream Day Event. Also New! BLUPR/NT Virgil Art Pouch (36 txts on hud incl'd!, Unisex) @ The Grand Event (main store)

RAWR! "Sin" Bellychain (incl'd hud) (main store)

eBODY Reborn Body (main store)

Also showing:

New! Bauhaus "Elisa" Coat with hide/show top and Skirt separates @ Uber Event (main store)

SWALLOW Gauged XL ears and SWALLOW Gauged XL 08 piercings set (main store)

LELUTKA Evo X (main store)

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