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Fall/Winter 2022/3 # 040

RAWR! Nautical Dropped S earrings set, Balance Nails set, Protection Rings set, and Happiness Garter set for Maze Soft Thighs (main store)

Swallow Dropped Ears (main store)

Vanilla Bae Morgan Dress (Adult (undress in 3 steps) & PG version (main store)

.Shi Da'at hairdo (resizer, unrigged, mod/copy) (main store)

Lueur November face for Lelutka Evo X (main store)

IVES Beauty Cremilda Gloss pack (BOM layers 50%,75%, 100% visibility) (main store)

Head: Lelutka Evo/Evox

Body: eBody Reborn (main store)

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