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Fall 2023 # 050


eBODY Reborn Body (main store)

UNORTHODOX Scalpz 2.0 (main store)

QUEEN'Z Mesh pasties from "Oxidate" outfit (main store)


New Ives "Yvonne" face. Also using "Apetitosa" Lipkit applier for EvoX (main store)

GRAILKAVE "Kennedi Loc's" Hair (BOM hairbases, Scalpz 2.0 hb applier, color/tint hud, resize on click) @ The Grand Event (main store)

POX Caboodle Corset and Caboodle Tie. Also "Jahad" mid length skirt (11/4 60L HW item) (main store)

LELUTKA Evo X (main store)

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