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Fall 2023 # 025

The Body...

eBODY Reborn Body (main store) *sponsor

^^SWALLOW^^ Gauge Dropped Ears (hud incl'd) (main store)

Lelutka Evo X (main store)

The Outfit...

BLUEBERRY Adelaide separates (main store)

The Accessories...

RAWR! Alterego Garters, Vegvisr dropped earrings for Swallow Gauge Dropped Ears,

Vegvisr Necklace (main store) *sponsor

JFL REAL HATS Winter Hat # 2 fatpack w/tex' hud, singles available *sponsor (main store)

UTOPIA@DESIGN "Damiana" heels (main store)

*COCO* DESIGNS Fur Scarf (main store)

[ Z O O M ] Clymena glasses (texture hud incl'd) (main store)

TETRA Ellie Backpack (main store)

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